The Art of Landscaping

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Rollin’s Landscape specializes in lawn care, landscape maintenance, and landscape design needs of homeowners and businesses in Augusta, Evans, Louisville and the surrounding CSRA area.

Landscape Design

Our quality landscape design services insure that your landscape fits your needs based on your property, your budget and your goals. Each of these elements are carefully considered before we present a design.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

Lawn and landscape maintenance is an integral part of our service whether we designed your landscape or not. Proper lawn maintenance means not only timely mowing and trimming, but also providing quality nutrients essential for healthy turf grass growth. Keeping the lawn thick, and healthy, helps reduce the need for weed control, but on those occasions when weeds do appear, we can take corrective pest control steps as needed.

Landscape Lighting

Once you have your lawn and landscape installed, why not enjoy it, even in the evening with stylish landscape lighting? Our lighting installations provide expanded enjoyment and usage of your quality landscape plus it provides increased security and safety.

Lawn and Landscape Automated Irrigation

Make sure your plants receive the ideal water for optimum growth. A proper irrigation system insures that your plants receive the correct amount of water throughout the growing season using quality materials installed by highly trained irrigation professionals.


Trees, shrubs and turf are considered softscape and they do just that, soften a landscape.

Landscape Installation

Placement is also how you get balance and sequence in the landscape. Our knowledge of the different plants and cultivars will help you get an attractive landscape that you can enjoy for years to come.

Landscape Design

The landscape design is an exciting part of the construction of your home because there are no limiting factors except for a lack of imagination on the designer’s part.

Landscape Maintenance

Along with mowing and trimming your turf, edging the walks, drives and shrub beds, doing the shrub pruning and fire ant mound treatments…

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