5 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

May 6, 2021

Your home is your haven, but from the outside, all you have to impress upon the world is the landscaping that surrounds it. If you want to make your curbside more appealing, landscaping lighting is a perfect upgrade! It not only makes it much nicer to enjoy your time outdoors; it has other great uses. And the money spent on installing lighting is a great way to increase the overall value of your home. You put so much time into the upkeep of your home, why not showcase it by lighting it up for all to see. These are just five advantages to hiring a landscape lighting Evans, GA company.

For Safety

When it is dark outside, walking to your front door, or making your way around the backyard, can be dangerous if you don’t have lighting to light your way. Providing illumination around your entryway, the sidewalk, the driveway, and outdoor green spaces will reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury, and help to keep everyone safer when making their way around from dusk to dawn.

Improve Security by Hiring a Landscape Lighting Evans, GA company

If someone is looking to do something unscrupulous like theft or breaking-in, the first home they target is the ones that have minimal visibility. Sure, lights look fantastic, but they are also an excellent way to deter trespassers from choosing your home. If you have everything lit up, that is a sign to robbers that they should move along to a more secluded, less visible house. Having lighting at your front door and near your garage is an excellent way to keep everyone safe and secure!

Extending Your Entertaining Space

No one wants to sit in the dark and talk when entertaining. By adding landscape lighting to your Grovetown, GA home, you make your outdoor spaces more inviting at night time. Lighting also gives your home the appearance from both inside and out that there is more available “space” to occupy. Whether your patio is screened in or not, having landscape lighting makes it more inviting to sit down and spend some time with family and friends. 

Improved Home Value

Well-designed and crafted landscape lighting is a huge selling point when, or if, you intend to resell your home. It not only gives your house those little upgrades that potential homebuyers love; the rate of return on your investment is nearly 20%. Why spend all the money adding those wonderful finishing touches if no one can see them past dusk. It is those fine details that make your home more luxurious. 

Customizable and Easy to Add on

Even if you don’t have a huge budget for landscape lighting, you can add as you go. The best feature of outdoor lighting is that you can place lights where you know you need them, and then plan to add some more as time passes. It isn’t one of those projects where it is all or nothing.  Over time, you can continue to expand your lighting space.

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to give the exterior of your home a more upgraded feel, while not costing a lot. You spend so much time making your house a home with the fine details that you are proud of. Why not spend a little extra to ensure that they are visible to the community around you by hiring a landscaping lighting Evans, GA company. At Rollins Landscaping, we are experts at designing your exterior spaces exactly as you want, within budget, and with the upgrades that will hopefully exceed all of your dreams. Contact us today to talk about your landscape lighting project in Evans, GA!


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