5 Hardscapes to Consider This Spring

January 8, 2022

Spring is Right Around the Corner – Why Not Consider Expanding Your Living Space With a Hardscape?

As we quickly head into 2022, it is hard to believe that spring is right around the corner. As anyone who lives in the Augusta area knows, when the warm air rushes in, it really rushes in. Although the cold is still here, now is an excellent time to start planning your hardscape area so that you can enjoy it come summertime. These are five hardscape projects to think about. Which one will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces more?


Most adults remember the times that they sat around a fire pit as a kid, singing and telling jokes. There is something about a fire that just brings everyone together. While the cold weather is here, why not design and build a fire pit area for all to enjoy. If COVID does make a comeback, you will have an amazing gathering space that is also social distance-equipped to keep everyone safe, while still getting together to create memories.

Outdoor Kitchen

There is nothing worse than entertaining, and not being able to truly entertain. When the weather is nice, no one wants to hang out in the kitchen with you while you cook. That typically means that everyone is outdoors enjoying time together while you spend time preparing alone. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to bring it outside. Not only will it save you from cooking inside and paying more for air conditioning; it will ensure that you aren’t being left out feeling more like a short-order cook and waiter than a host!

Planters and Seating

Sometimes your hardscapes are about more than aesthetics. The best way to line your outdoor area is by sectioning it off using a hardscape design. Add seating space for your guests, while also beautifying it by putting in flower boxes that will showcase your patio and grow beautiful blossoming annuals. You can add a whole lot of entertainment seating, which is both functional and aesthetically awesome!

Retaining walls

Retaining Wall

Sometimes hardscapes are not about entertaining or aesthetics. Sometimes they are purely functional. It is not uncommon in the sandy conditions we live in for people to deal with water erosion. If you have a part of your property that is sinking, or even worse, a foundation that is, then a retaining wall isn’t a hardscape you should consider; it is a must to protect your investment. At Rollins Landscaping, we aren’t just about hardscapes for entertainment purposes, we also work with things like drainage issues and grading!

Residential Walkways

Walkways or Paths

When it comes to navigating your backyard, a path or walkway is a must, especially after dark. By adding a path, you are making sure that your loved ones can safely navigate their way after dark. It is also an excellent way to tie together different areas of the backyard to entertain, or to section others off. Whether it is in addition to another hardscape or all on its own, the springtime is a great time for planning your new backyard playground!

As we roll into 2022, now is an excellent time to focus on making your new year brighter. For some homeowners, that means adding living space for entertaining, while also being able to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. At Rollins Landscaping, we have the expertise, design-savvy know-how, and commitment to excellence to make your outdoor spaces awesome. Contact us to discuss your spring hardscape project today


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