5 Reasons to Install a Sprinkler System

April 1, 2021

As we roll right into summer, things are going to start heating up quickly. And although we tend to get some showers in the Georgia region, with the extreme temperatures, it usually evaporates before it even hits the ground. If you are tired of struggling to keep your landscaping watered, having a sprinkler system installed is the best way to save money. Sure, it is an investment up front, but you get these five awesome benefits that are priceless!

No More Wet Sock Mornings

Let’s face it, using a manual sprinkler is never easy. Having to rotate it from one area to another inevitably ends up getting you wet no matter how much you duck and weave. And because you have to water at specific times of day, that usually means wet morning slippers. Instead of dancing around your lawn in your pajamas, avoiding a shower before your morning shower, have sprinklers installed and let them do their job.

Who Has the Time

Regardless if you work from home or not, the last thing you have time for is rotating sprinklers around your yard. There is no way for most homeowners to have many sprinklers running at once to water properly, so that leaves you going out, moving sprinklers around from one end of the yard to the next. If you are like the rest of us, that only lasts so long. That is why so many lawns look half dead mid-summertime! Sprinklers will consistently and evenly take care of all of your landscaping without you worrying!

Vacation Worries

One of the biggest advantages of living in Augusta, Georgia is the weather and the awesome white sandy beaches. When you want to hit the road, it is super-inconvenient and expensive, to hire someone to make sure your lawn is cared for. The small cost of having a sprinkler system installed is well worth it to stop stressing about your landscaping every time you want to get away. Set them and leave – it really can be that easy!

Costly Lost Landscaping

Landscaping is not cheap to replace if not cared for. One of the most common reasons for loss during the summer months is failing to water your lawn, shrubs, trees, and flowerbeds. You invest a lot in making your home look beautiful and green. Don’t lose steam toward the end of summer and end up throwing away all that you have invested because you forgot to turn on the sprinklers. It is much more cost-effective to ensure that your landscaping investment is safe by investing in it!

Increase Home Value

When you hire someone to landscape your lawn, you substantially increase the equity and value of your home, but only if you take care of it once everything is planted. If you are going to spend the budget to have someone make your outdoor spaces look beautiful, it costs very little to install a sprinkler system. Also, installing a sprinkler system will add value to your home should you ever sell it. Prospective homeowners love little conveniences like not having to care about the status or health of their lawn.

Summer is set to hit, and when it does, it is going to be scorching. Don’t risk losing the investment you have in your landscaping by not properly caring for it. Contact Rollin’s Landscape today to install a new sprinkler system to keep everything blooming and looking green year-round.


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