Brighten Up the Landscape with Annual Flowers

May 15, 2023

Brighten Up the Landscape with Annual Flowers

Floral displays ring in the growing season with life and color. With annuals, you can enjoy beautiful color throughout the summer season.

Annual flowers are a good landscape investment because they’re versatile, colorful, quick to bloom and relatively inexpensive.

These dependable single-season flowers hit the ground running and provide a spectacular show all season long. Annuals provide an entire spectrum of options in terms of size, color and growth patterns. Some flowers work well as edging plants. Others can be planted in masses and work well in large planting beds or around entry signage.

Because annuals live only one season and have no permanent roots from which to grow the next year, they perpetuate their kind through heavy seed production. Biologically, seed and flower production go hand in hand. To produce lots of seeds, they must produce many flowers, which accounts for the extremely high ratio of blooms relative to the size of the overall plants.

Most annuals can create dramatic displays when planted across large areas.

There are numerous annuals to choose from, and we are happy to suggest the best options for your specific property. With our help and season-long care, your property can be alive with color all summer long.

Now is the best time to plan for annual flowers. Contact us today to brighten up your property this summer!


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