Colorscaping – The Science Behind Getting the Most Enjoyment From Your Landscaping

June 4, 2021

Colorscaping is not a new concept when it comes to landscaping design. If you have not heard what it is, it entails curtailing a client’s overall landscape theme to suit not just their color preferences, but also taking into account things like regional favorites and seasonal blooms. At Rollins Landscaping, we believe in providing the very best color show to showcase your backyard in the best light possible. It involves combining annuals that are planted at the right time throughout the year. And also using background color accents to play off them.

 Seasonal Colorscape Changes

When you have an excellent colorscape design, it requires that your landscaper replace annuals throughout the year. That serves to keep your colors vibrant and alive with an appeal. Maintenance is the key to making sure that something delightful is always blooming.

We work closely with our clients to pinpoint what their flower design and color preferences are. And then, we work tirelessly to maintain healthy plants even throughout the driest or hottest parts of the season. And we also offer various price points so that we can help to fit your budget while maximizing your enjoyment.

Colorscaping it About More Than Simply Adding Plants Here and There

A colorscaping plan does have an exact science to it, it doesn’t just involve planting various things here and there. We work by using primary colors and secondary colors that mix different color hues of your tastes that combine them into a symphony. We also determine things like your main focal points, elements of color, lines, textures, shapes, and lines to complete an entire scheme, not just a random splash of color.

As we walk through your yard, we identify where we want to add the most attention to accentuate your natural flow and overall appeal. A good colorscape design is all about proportions and using balance to make sure that it is a total cohesive show of wonderful. 

Setting the “Mood” With Colorscaping

Colorscaping also involves having an idea of what emotions color elicits and placing it exactly where it will be most effective. Knowing what hues set the mood is the best way to enhance happiness, tranquility, or even excitement, if placed correctly.

Blues and Greens

Blues and greens are “cool” colors. They help to calm feelings and find your “chi”. Places, where blues and greens are most effective, are things like hospitals and dental offices, or even the place where you enjoy your morning coffee.

Yellow, Red, and Orange

Yellows, reds, and oranges are “warm” colors. They also can help to create excitement. A combination of the three will grab attention and bring about a cheery feeling.


The color purple is a great happy medium between cool and warm. It is a color that can be used independently or alongside the scheme of the others to enhance your landscaping throughout the year! 

 Designing For Your Home’s Exterior

Before we devise the best colorscaping plan for your home or office, we take into consideration the exterior’s appearance. And then, we try to incorporate your taste preferences. The best colorscaping contractors are the ones that take into account what you already have available and play expertly off of it to create an intense emotional feel. Whether it is the serenity of white and cools or the excitement of darker colors and bright, we know how to make your landscaping perfect. 

Why Hire Rollins Landscaping for Your Colorscaping

Whether you own an office building or house, you want people to feel emotion when they arrive, sit in your favorite spots, or enjoy a night of entertaining. Our maintenance program helps us maximize your colorscaping design so that you get the best of the best year-round. Contact us today and let’s start color-designing!


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