Don’t Leave Your Landscape in the Dark

November 17, 2023

No landscape is complete without the addition of lighting. As long as it’s properly illuminated, your landscape will remain enjoyable long after the sun goes down. With strategic placement, landscape lights can enhance your property’s nighttime curb appeal. Plus, lighting can be used to increase both safety and security throughout your property.

First, you’ll need to decide what functions you want your outdoor lights to serve. For example, do you want to illuminate a path or stairway for easier nighttime navigation? Are you looking to extend the useful hours for your patio or outdoor living space? Are you hoping for a dramatic and striking effect, or are you leaning toward something more subdued?

The trick is not to overdo it. A proper lighting design will use various types of lights – such as wash lights, bullets, path or spread lights – where each will effectively contribute to an overall pleasing scheme without an overly lighted effect.

Depending on your needs and desires, there is no shortage of choices in lighting types and designs. Low-voltage systems are safe and energy efficient, and the professionals at Rollin’s Landscape can help pick fixtures that complement your home and landscape.

Landscape lighting systems can almost always be retrofitted into existing landscapes with minimal disruptions. If your outdoor space could use a little more illumination, now is a great time to contact us.


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