The Design Process 

The Design Process

Based on your likes and Dislikes

The landscape design is an exciting part of the construction of your home because there are no limiting factors except for a lack of imagination on the designer’s part.

When you contact us the first thing we will do is set up an on site consultation to assess the site and talk about ideas and options available. You will be asked lots of questions about how you want to use the landscape, how much entertaining you do, if you have favorite plants or even favorite colors, maybe even if you have any plants you don’t like. Even information such as your type of employment gives us some idea about what type of people you are.

As an example, engineers tend to be more structured while interior decorators would probably be more informal. If you have a copy of your plot plan and house plans that is helpful but if not we can take an overhead picture and scale it to create an as built site plan.

Using the input we receive from the onsite consultation and the inspirations we get as we think of how you want to interact and enjoy your landscape we will begin drawing. The design process usually takes two to four weeks. Throughout this time we will have a little email dialogue as we start developing a plan. You can send in ideas and pictures of plants or themes that impress you and as we get closer to a completed plan we will send you copies of the plan to review. Once we get to a plan that we feel is the perfect design for you we will meet again on site to compare the plan to the actual site. Any final changes to the design will be made after this meeting. Residential landscape designs start at $450 with the design fee being based on the amount of time required to draw and the complexity of the project.

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Principles of Landscape Design

Landscaping is the process by which you take a structure and tie it to the existing surrounding landscape so that everything looks attractively natural.


Your usable part of the landscape. Driveways, sidewalks, patios and retaining walls.

Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your landscape at night.


Irrigation is one area that a lot of contractors cut corners on. A properly designed system
will not waste water and will have at least 70% matched precipitation.