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October 28, 2023

The term “hardscaping” refers to landscaping features that are permanently established and typically nonliving. Patios, water elements, fire pits and outdoor shelters all fall into this category. Hardscaping additions can transform an underused area of your property into an inviting living space which allows your family and friends to fully enjoy the warmer months.

The first step in effective planning is to decide what you want from your new space. You may want a quiet retreat, a place to host large gatherings, or an area that can be a little of both.

The key to getting the most out of your hardscaping is proper planning.

Start Now

Getting ahead on new projects is more important now than ever. You have no doubt heard about supply chain disruptions which have affected product inventories worldwide. These disruptions have influenced the cost of building materials as well as the timing necessary to complete new construction. Because of this unusual situation, even the most thorough plans will likely take longer than you would expect.

Whatever your specific vision is for new hardscaping, now is the time to set the process in motion.

Landscape and hardscape projects require many moving parts working together properly. The process of designing a plan, procuring the necessary materials and scheduling the labor already takes a considerable amount of time. If you’re considering new projects in the near future, now is the time to lay out the specifics. Patience and planning go hand in hand.¬†For home & commercial properties throughout Augusta, Evans, Appling, Grovetown, Louisville, and Thomson GA, contact Rollins Landscaping today!


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