Enhancement Services 

Horticultural Services for Those Who Like to Mow


We also provide additional enhancement services to keep your landscape looking its best. These services can be call in as needed or can be added to your regular maintenance program. We also offer a monthly service that includes all of the horticultural services except for the actual mowing.


Seasonal Color – Seasonal annual color provides year round visual appeal. Twice a year we will design and install fresh seasonal color. We only use flowers that are grown without growth regulators so you can be assured that the color beds we install for you will grow in fast and healthy.

Mulching – Whenever bare soil is exposed there is potential for erosion. There are different options for mulching plantings. The most common are long needle pinestraw and hardwood mulch. Pinestraw costs less but hardwood mulch lasts longer and has more nutrient value as it decomposes.

Fertilization and Weed Control – It is not uncommon for soil to need some type of remediation. We offer programs that include testing the soil and applying the deficient nutrients.

Tree and Shrub Pruning – Our landscape technicians have the training to know what trees or shrubs should be pruned and when.


Other Services


Irrigation is one area that a lot of contractors cut corners on. A properly designed system
will not waste water and will have at least 70% matched precipitation.

Principles of Landscape Design

Landscaping is the process by which you take a structure and tie it to the existing surrounding landscape so that everything looks attractively natural.

Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your landscape at night.

Fertilization Program

Infertile soil is one of the leading causes of plant decline.