Make the Most of Your Nights with Landscape Lighting

August 29, 2022

As the kids return to school and the days start to get shorter, getting the most out of your evenings in the great outdoors will become harder, especially if you don’t have the correct lighting. Your landscape lighting is an essential part of enjoying your backyard space through fall and potentially winter. It is also a great way to showcase the beauty of your home and deter possible criminals from entering your property by providing security lighting. These are some landscape lighting types that might benefit you and your family this fall. 

Factors to Consider

When you’re choosing the right type of landscape lighting, the first step is to consider the factors at play: how bright you want them to be, where to place them, and whether you want them to come on automatically or not. 

Power Source

Lights can be powered by either electricity or solar power. When placing lights, if there is sunlight during the day, then solar power might be the way to go. However, there is no or very little sunlight, your only option will be electricity. Even if the area does get sunlight, you might prefer electric lights to ensure their predictability, but that really is a personal choice. 

Types of Lighting 

If you are illuminating a large area, you are going to have different lighting than if you are lighting up a tiny space. For smaller patio areas or gardens, you might want to consider strategically placing staked lighting. For a patio where you wish to entertain, having hanging lights or even flood lights can make it a great space to hang out throughout the year. 

Pathway Security Lighting

It is always a good idea to light the way for guests, family members, and even passersby. Solar security lighting is an excellent way to showcase your house while providing a lit pathway and a deterrent for trespassers. Pathway lighting can be both solar-powered and hardwired, depending on your available power source.

Post Lights

When you want to light things up well for entertaining or for a warm welcome, post lights are a great way to enhance your curb appeal. They also come in LED options, which can give your home a warm and friendly glow. And LED bulbs provide about 18,000 hours, or 18 years’ worth of illumination, which means less maintenance for you!

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an ideal way to show off your landscaping. You put so much time and energy into making your yard beautiful, so why not show it off both day and night? Landscape lighting also comes in energy-efficient options, which is an eco-friendly and less expensive way to go!

As we head into fall, the days are getting shorter – and so will be your time outdoors if you don’t put up some landscape lighting. Strategically placed lighting can do wonders to make your outdoor spaces more fun when you’re entertaining. It is also critical to keep everyone safe by lighting pathways and deterring trespassers. At Rollins Landscaping, we have a vast number of options to light up your outdoors to make them look their best. Contact us today to discuss a lighting plan that works for you and your needs!


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