Repairing Winter Lawn Damage

February 17, 2023

winter lawn

Winter can be harsh on lawns. Low temperatures and dry winds can cause unsightly dead spots. In some instances, your lawn may have suffered fungal disease while dormant or been damaged by the local wildlife.

These steps help your lawn mend after a rough winter:

  • Clear all debris such as rocks, sticks and dead leaves which may have accumulated over the winter.
  • For the first mowing, set your mower a few inches lower than your mid-summer mowing height. This removes dead plant material and spurs new growth. Mowing low also helps prevent thatch buildup.
  • Soil test: Applying the correct nutrients to bring your soil parameters within the recommended ranges will encourage new growth and re-establish your turf for the warm months ahead.

Winter takes its toll, but with a few simple steps, your lawn will forget about those dark months as it launches into spring.

If you need assistance getting your turf looking its best this season, contact us today! Our lawn care fertilization program is the best solution to keep your lawn green and growing this season.


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