The Benefits of Hiring a Landscaping Designer in Augusta

March 5, 2021

If Georgia is known for one thing, it is its lush green landscaping. There is always something blossoming, no matter what time of year. But that also means a whole lot of work for those who want to maintain well-manicured landscaping. A great way to keep everything looking healthy and beautiful is to have a professional landscaping plan. Hiring a landscape designer in Augusta is an excellent way to ensure that your home is full of color year-round. They not only help with things like shrub and flower bed placement; they also design hardscaping to maximize your outdoor time and the view!

Have Things Blooming Year-Round

Different flowers bloom at different times of the year. To make the most of your yard, hire a landscape designer to layout your beds to have color from spring to winter. It isn’t just about the mix of colors and textures; height placement is important to make the most of your gardens and to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.

Cover Unsightly Things

You want your home to be beautiful year-round, but there are some necessary parts of it that you might not want to show at first glance. Things like air conditioning units, foundation brick, and water spigots are a must for convenience, but that doesn’t mean that they are aesthetically pleasing. A landscape designer in Augusta can help you use the best of nature to keep those things that you don’t want people to see under-wraps. It is amazing how they can make utilitarian equipment virtually disappear never to be seen, yet easy to access when necessary!

Hardscaping is a Must in Georgia

Aside from the lush foliage of Georgia, another thing that we all love is the tepid year-round weather. There is only really a month or two that sitting outdoors is less than comfortable. To make the most of the wonderful weather, an outdoor seating area is key. Also, when the temperature does dip, if you have a professional landscape designer accommodate by designing a fire pit or stone fireplace, there isn’t a time of year that you can’t enjoy!

Protect Your Investment

Although growing things in Georgia is easier than in other regions, to survive, shrubs, trees, and flowers need to be planted properly. Perennials need to have a good root system to come back again and again. And it takes a keen eye, and landscaping expertise to ensure that your landscaping is planted to take root. Before you invest in new landscaping material, make sure that you have someone plant it properly. Otherwise, you will be very disappointed when it doesn’t make it through the hot summer heat, or the cold winter nights.

Sprinklers are Necessary!

The hot summer days can really drag on in Augusta, which is why having an automatic sprinkler system do the work is highly recommended. Not many homeowners have the time, or the perseverance, to turn on sprinklers and rotate them from one part of the yard to another. If you install in-ground sprinklers appropriately, you can set and forget them. That way, you never have to worry about hiring someone to water when you hit the beach for a little vacation.

Although landscaping seems pretty straight-forward, when you get into designing around your home, there are a whole lot of things to consider. And if you don’t have the forethought when planning how your gardens and landscaping will look, you will not only waste your time, you will also waste a whole lot of money. Hiring a landscape designer in Augusta is an excellent way to lay things out, enjoy the most of blooming flowers, and extend your time in the great outdoors, with a great view. Contact us today to discuss how we can make the most of the landscaping around your home or office.


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